Featuring live music, a jungle fort suited for an army, and unlimited food and drinks with a ticket purchase, Chilifest is the biggest and most anticipated music festival of the year. Join TKE on March 31st and April 1st in an epic journey through the jungle to film the greatest action movie in history: Taupic Thunder.
Tickets Include
  • Two-day admission to Chilifest 2023 and the Taupic Thunder build
  • Taupic Thunder T-shirt*
  • Transportation to the event
  • Unlimited food and drinks
Contact one of our commanders below with any questions.
Juan Castorena
Chilifest Chairman, (979) 587-1103
Jackson Stewart
Vice President, (479) 629-0296
Jack Nelson
President, (832) 707-4796
* Taupic Thunder T-shirts included with ladies' and alumni tickets only

The Pi-Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Texas A & M University was installed as a chapter on March 28, 1981.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.